May 10, 2013


What does revival mean to you?  To me it means a fresh awakening of the power of the Spirit of God in your life.  This could be a new experience for the believer who has never delved into the pool of grace, or it could be a new infilling of a recently saved person.


Revivals used to have occurred in widespread movements at various times in recent history.  The 17th Century Protestant and Catholic Reformations, the 18th Century Great Awakening in the U.S and similar events in Britain and Scotland, and similar movements including the Second Great Awakening of the 19th Century all were incredible outpourings of the Spirit  that changed the course of organized religion as we know it.


Do you notice something missing?  It seems that the 20th and 21st centuries are noticeably absent from the list.  Not that there have not been powerful revivals and outpourings of the Spirit, but nothing to compare to the grand scale movements of the past.  What happened?    Did God decide that we were at our spiritual peak and we could not benefit from more grace? Probably not.  We as a nation and as a world have become more complacent, self-seeking rather than God-seeking and have drifted away from the principles that make us as a people less than spiritual in nature.  Seek and ye shall find…don’t seek, don’t find.  It’s that simple.


Thank God that grace is a gift from God and our worthiness is not a factor.  The same Spirit that provoked the great revivals of past centuries is unchanged and still available to us today…if only we will seek.


A life of sacrifice

January 24, 2011

Is the Christian Life one of sacrifice and abstinence from all worldly pleasures?  In his book “All These Things Added”, James Allen writes that in order to find the Kingdom of God, banish selfishness from one’s life by initially renouncing  all worldly desires and live a strict life of denying oneself of anything that might interfere with your relationship with God.  The first step is to cease eating and drinking anything other than base nutrients found in a so-called “sensible diet.”  Does this sound like abundant living to you?  And also, do you see television evangelists living lives of abstinence from all the good things life has to offer?  Or any preachers for that matter?  Jesus said that what you put into your mouth is not what defiles you, but rather what comes out of it because that originates from your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes (your heart).  Was James Allen writing these things based on some biblical truth, or was he projecting his own circumstances on his readers?  Seeking the Kingdom of God is a highly personal matter and each person will “listen to God ”  in his or her own way.    Still, Allen makes some good points and definitely offers food for thought.

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The Kingdom of God

January 24, 2011

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these thing shall be added unto you.”  Ever since becoming a Christian, the concept of the “Kingdom of God has left me bewildered.  I imagined Heaven’s kingdom, with Jesus on His throne just as it is described in the book of Revelation.  Conversely, Luke 17:21 says “…the Kingdom of God is within you.”  How can this be?  The scene portrayed in Revelation was not “within me.”   What was I missing?  At one point, I wrote down every reference to the “Kingdom of God” in the Bible and diligently saved them on my computer with the intent of one day using them to inspire some sort of personal epiphany that might reveal its full nature.  When my computer’s hard drive crashed, so did my hopes of such an event becoming reality.  Recently, I came across a package of several self-help e-books that has renewed my interest in seeking for myself just what is meant by the concept.

When I first purchased this e-book package, my motives were far less noble than one might expect.  I have always been a fan of self-help success books and have read many of the classics such as “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen, and “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill  (Both of which were included in the package).  Since the industry of success motivation is alive and well, and the package came with full resale rights, I figured I could have my cake and make a few extra bucks too.  These e-books are public domain material and many sites on the internet offer to sell them individually, or maybe offer free downloads or excerpts  and the like.  After doing a little research, I found out that ALL of them are the same….exactly the same, right down to the title page.  So I spent the first few weeks re-formatting and dressing up these jewels of wisdom, and in the process of proof-reading learned enough to make me want to go back and read each one word for word.

Many of these books mention the Kingdom of God, some of them deal solely with the Kingdom of God, but ALL of them are based on biblical principles.  Although I knew this from prior experience with this genre (although not to this extent), it intrigued me that someone had the sheer wisdom to include these books in a seemingly secular package of books on success and prosperity.  But isn’t that what Jesus promised?  Not only life, but life more abundantly?  In the following weeks (possibly months) please join me on my search  as we delve into these and other discussions that may lead you into your own journey of discovery for the elusive,  often misunderstood, yet attainable Kingdom of God.


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